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With a destination as large and varied as the USA or Canada, a cruise makes perfect sense in terms of seeing as much as possible.

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Luxury Canada and North America cruises

Explore the vast and varied countries of the USA and Canada on a luxury Americas cruise to discover just how different each port, province and state is, from the sun and sand of California to the wildlife of Alaska.

Mickey Mouse, Miami Vice, Sleepless in Seattle ... we’re all familiar with the States, yet a luxury America cruise can bring you into contact with parts of the country that seldom feature on standard American tours.

When to go:

New England and Nova Scotia's autumn foliage is at its best in September and October, when the majority of East Coast cruises take place. The West Coast, too, sees the most activity in May, September and October.

On the West Coast, the big Californian cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco are frequently visited, but so are stylish Santa Barbara, historic Monterey and the rugged artistry of the Oregon coast. Slightly further afield, Hawaii provides a tropical paradise to discover.

In the east, history is on show in charming Charleston, America's best-preserved colonial city, and the ports of New England - Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Boston and Maine - look visually stunning when draped in autumn colours.

Canada, too, has far more to offer than just Mounties and maple syrup. Canada cruises often include Vancouver Island, which is a nature lover's paradise, while the Maritime Provinces have perhaps the most spellbinding scenery east of the Rockies, and the francophone cities of Québec and Montréal boast characterful cobbled streets, historical buildings and a rich joie-de-vivre.