Justifiably popular, the Mediterranean is an eclectic and exciting cruise destination that’s right for all types of travellers.

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Luxury Mediterranean cruises

From major cities to out-of-the-way ports, travellers on a luxury Mediterranean cruise are presented with a wealth of opportunities, wherever their cruise itinerary takes them.

Perhaps nowhere of its size has such a wide variety of cultural, historical and scenic sights as the Mediterranean. In fact the only disappointment you're likely to encounter is not having enough time to take it all in on a single luxury cruise.

When to go:

The main season for Mediterranean cruises is from May to October, when the weather is warmest, but many of the cruise ships that sail in northern Europe through the summer reposition themselves in the eastern Med from September until May, so cruises are available year-round    

Leaving from the main UK ports, Mediterranean cruises mostly head south down the coast of western Europe and through the Straits of Gibraltar to reach the Mediterranean. Others begin in the Med itself.

The ritzy Riviera’s and sun-blessed coastlines of Spain, France and Italy combine bountiful beaches with some of Europe's most mouth-watering cuisine. The Amalfi and Dalmatian coasts deliver towering cliff faces and secluded sandy coves, with Italy's Ravello and Croatia's Dubrovnik offering some of the best views in timeless, historical settings.

Sardinia, Corsica and Malta offer beaches as beautiful as any in the Caribbean. Mykonos, Rhodes and Santorini are three of the myriad Greek islands to have cast a spell over centuries of travellers. From Rome and Athens to Knossos and Ephesus, ancient sites tell the stories of cultures that have fought and conquered, loved and lost, while Nice and Positano, Monte Carlo and St Tropez are modern-day bastions of haute couture and celebrity chic.

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