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Luxury Central America Cruise

Central America is full of essential travel experiences and must-see sites. A region with a diverse cultural heritage and a wealth of wonderful landscapes, it can be explored on a cruise by passengers keen to discover the region’s glorious coast and pre-Columbian history.

Central America has always served as a trade link between North and South America and still features on cruise itineraries that include either of these continents or the Caribbean. 

When to go:

Central American cruises are available year-round as temperatures on the coast are consistently high. The best time for a Central America cruise is during the dry season though, from December to April, although there can be rains on the Caribbean side from September to October as well.

With the creation of the Panama Canal in 1914 this country became an essential link between the Pacific and Atlantic – using the Canal cut days off a journey and was far safer than navigating Cape Horn. These days the Canal is still used by cruise ships exploring Central America or making their way from one sea to another. Cruises using this 48-mile shortcut provide passengers with the chance to marvel at this extraordinary manmade feat of engineering as the system of locks along its length.

Elsewhere, Costa Rica’s dense and wildlife-filled jungle offers plenty of opportunity for adventure, with exciting excursions available at ports of call including Puntarenas and Limon, while the Mexican Riviera has effortlessly cool beaches in Acapulco and enigmatic Mayan ruins to uncover.

Take advantage too of the beautiful Caribbean coast and the attractive shores of the pacific, with opportunities to visit atmospheric cities and coffee plantations to discover that there is an enormous amount to see and do on a Central America Cruise.