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The Baltic is one of the unsung cruise regions of the world; a Baltic cruise is in fact the way to discover a fascinating and culturally rich area.

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Luxury Baltic and Russia Cruises

A luxury Baltic cruise is an enchanting and unusual experience full of history, culture and scenery that’s ideal for people looking to explore the coastal cities of Northern Europe and Russia.

The Baltic is one of the less-visited cruise regions of the world, although those in the know consider Baltic cruises to be amongst the best because of the treasure trove of places to discover here.

When to go:

This region is generally best explored during the European summer, from May to September

From Viking raiders setting out across its frigid waters, to medieval traders carrying goods between Hanseatic ports and epic clashes between Russian, German and British fleets, the Baltic has long been at the centre of Europe's changing fortunes.

The region's cities read like an historical record, from the delicate spires of Copenhagen to the grandiose palaces of imperial St Petersburg. UNESCO-listed Tallinn's attractions include the Medieval Old Town, and equally enchanting Kadriorg district, a throwback to the time when Estonia was ruled by the Russian Tsar. Riga's quaint streets reveal cafes and beer cellars, and Gdansk in Poland has a fascinating history.

Then there are the Scandinavian capitals of Stockholm and Helsinki, most often visited on a Scandinavia cruise but also accessed via a Baltic cruise. You’ll also get the chance to appreciate the architecture and atmosphere of cities such as St Petersburg in Russia, where the iconic onion-domed buildings and landmark museums can be visited on a tour.