Treasures of the Mekong & Mystical Irrawaddy

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Scenic 24 Day Cruise on Scenic Spirit, Scenic - Call for price

Departure 18 January 2022 | Treasures of the Mekong & Mystical Irrawaddy


  • Siem Reap
  • Kampong Cham
  • Phnom Penh
  • Tân Châu
  • Cái Bè
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Yangon
  • Bagan
  • Magwe
  • At Sea
  • Bagan
  • Pakokku
  • Yandabo
  • Mingun
  • Amarapura
  • Mandalay

Treasures of the Mekong & Mystical Irrawaddy

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Day by day itinerary

Day 1 — Siem Reap
Day 2 — Kampong Cham
Day 3 to 4 — Phnom Penh
Day 5 to 6 — Tân Châu
Day 7 — Cái Bè
Day 8 to 10 — Ho Chi Minh City
Romantically referred to by the French as the Pearl of the Orient, Ho Chi Minh City today is a super-charged city of sensory overload. Motorbikes zoom day and night along the wide boulevards, through the narrow back alleys and past vendors pushing handcarts hawking goods of all descriptions. Still called Saigon by most residents, this is Vietnam's largest city and the engine driving the country's current economic resurgence, but despite its frenetic pace, it's a friendlier place than Hanoi and locals will tell you the food—simple, tasty, and incorporating many fresh herbs—is infinitely better than in the capital.This is a city full of surprises. The madness of the city's traffic—witness the oddball things that are transported on the back of motorcycles—is countered by tranquil pagodas, peaceful parks, quirky coffee shops, and whole neighborhoods hidden down tiny alleyways, although some of these quiet spots can be difficult to track down. Life in Ho Chi Minh City is lived in public: on the back of motorcycles, on the sidewalks, and in the parks. Even when its residents are at home, they're still on display. With many living rooms opening onto the street, grandmothers napping, babies being rocked, and food being prepared, are all in full view of passersby.Icons of the past endure in the midst of the city’s headlong rush into capitalism. The Hotel Continental, immortalized in Graham Greene's The Quiet American, continues to stand on the corner of old Indochina's most famous thoroughfare, the rue Catinat, known to American G.I.s during the Vietnam War as Tu Do (Freedom) Street and renamed Dong Khoi (Uprising) Street by the Communists. The city still has its ornate opera house and its old French city hall, the Hôtel de Ville. The broad colonial boulevards leading to the Saigon River and the gracious stucco villas are other remnants of the French colonial presence. Grisly reminders of the more recent past can be seen at the city's war-related museums. Residents, however, prefer to look forward rather than back and are often perplexed by tourists' fascination with a war that ended 40 years ago.The Chinese influence on the country is still very much in evidence in the Cholon district, the city's Chinatown, but the modern office towers and international hotels that mark the skyline symbolize Vietnam's fixation on the future.
Day 11 to 13 — Yangon
Karaweik palace in Yangon, Myanmar

Karaweik palace in Yangon, Myanmar

The capital until 2006, Yangon (Rangoon) is Myanmar's largest city and its commercial center. It is truly developing, and full of juxtapositions: new high-rises abut traditional Southeast Asian shophouses while down the street from a frozen yogurt bar, a sidewalk dentist goes to work. Yangon's rich collection of colonial architecture is one of its biggest draws; The Strand and its surrounding side streets look today much as they did at the turn of the century, when Yangon—then Rangoon—was under British rule. Yangon’s most iconic sight is unquestionably the enormous gilded Shwedagon Pagoda, but what makes it worth visiting beyond that is the rich, vibrant life that spills out of people’s homes and onto the streets. Colorful and chaotic, Yangon is a feast for the senses. Grinning uniformed schoolchildren and preadolescent monks vie for sidewalk space as vendors hawk fried goods and longyi-wearing businessmen go off to work. On a street of Indian-run paint shops sits the country’s only synagogue, a 19th-century relic; blocks away rise the steeples of St. Mary’s Cathedral, another reminder of the city’s colonial past.
Day 14 — Bagan
Ancient Land of Bagan, Bagan

Ancient Land of Bagan, Bagan

Day 15 to 16 — Magwe
Day 17 — At Sea
Day 18 to 19 — Bagan
Ancient Land of Bagan, Bagan

Ancient Land of Bagan, Bagan

Day 20 — Pakokku
Day 21 — Yandabo
Day 22 — Mingun
Day 23 — Amarapura
Day 24 — Mandalay


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