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Luxury Indian Ocean & Far East cruises

For cruise passengers looking for variety and diversity of culture, fascinating ancient histories and fabulous natural beauty, the Far East and Indian Ocean is the ideal cruise destination.

The ports of the Far East and Indian Ocean have always been included in world cruise itineraries, and now an increasing number of lines offer specific cruises to the region, allowing passengers to fully immerse themselves in Asian cultures and explore less frequented destinations.

This region combines picturesque beaches with ancient temples, fine cuisine and fascinating cultures and the tropical climate makes this destination perfect for winter cruising, with some lines offering cruises all year round.

With a plethora of diverse, exotic cultures and histories to discover, this is arguably the greatest cruise region for passengers looking to enjoy a truly fascinating experience in the utmost comfort and style.

The innovative modern meets dynastic history in the great port cities of Japan and China, meaning visitors here can immerse themselves in age-old traditional cultures while surrounded by cutting edge architecture. Down in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, passengers can explore the huge array of ancient, ornate temples set amid the stunning, fertile, tropical scenery. Over in India, the blend of British colonialism and the old Raj dynasties has left some stunning palaces and monuments.

The region is extremely popular with beach lovers; the beaches found in the Maldives, Goa and the Thai islands rival those of the Pacific islands for their beauty and tranquility and are commonly frequented by cruise ships sailing the area.

In addition, to reveling in the culture of the great cities, or relaxing on tropical beaches, visitors to this region can enjoy some of the finest cuisine in the world. China, India, Japan and Thailand each boast unique, but equally exceptional, local foods that commonly attracts visitors from across the globe, and consequently this is one of the greatest cruise destinations for food lovers.