Africa is often overlooked as a cruise destination but offers incredible contrasts in a single voyage.

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Luxury Africa Cruises

Discover why this incredible but less-frequently visited continent ought to be part of your cruise plans and uncover adventure, ancient heritage, wildlife and a wealth of essential experiences in a single luxury cruise holiday.

Since the days of Livingstone and Stanley, Africa has carried a certain mystique - a sense of adventure and a tireless romance that the travel-inclined find hard to resist.

The most frequent ports of call in Africa are in the north of the continent in Egypt and Tunisia, and in sizzling South Africa. Places like Alexandria, once the greatest city of the ancient world, make an excellent base for seeing Cairo and the Pyramids, while Big Five safaris, Table Mountain and the stunning Cape Winelands are definite highlights of the Rainbow Nation. 

When to go:

The majority of world cruises pass the coasts of Africa from January to March, though the weather will vary from destination to destination. Most places will be hot and sometimes humid, with southern Africa offering a more temperate climate.

The west and east coasts are less frequently featured in cruise itineraries, but the luxury cruise lines that do visit tend to stop a great deal, giving passengers access to parts seldom seen by overland tourists. Walvis Bay in Namibia, the small island of São Tomé, Accra in Ghana, Lomé in Togo and Dakar in Senegal are all west coast highlights, while the east answers back with Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Mombasa in Kenya and Maputo in Mozambique.

Islands, too, are ripe for the taking. Magical Madagascar is known for its lemurs, Mauritius and Zanzibar for their powder-white beaches. Others are hardly known at all, but speak to our specialists about Réunion and you'll soon understand the scope of Africa's variety.