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An offbeat but increasingly attractive destination, Russia is becoming more and more accessible.

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Discover the history and culture of Russia's heartland on a luxury River Volga cruise, journeying from Moscow to St Petersburg and from the past to the present.

The River Volga, the longest river in Europe, has long served as a major trade route in western Russia and been an important means of travel and communication since medieval times.

When to go:

The Volga is navigable from mid-March to mid-December but prone to flooding in May and June when melting snow pours into the waterway. High season is June, known as White Nights because of its almost perpetual daylight, to August.

Take a luxury cruise on the Volga to follow in the wake of the Tsars and glimpse daily life along Russia's central artery as you journey from Moscow to St Petersburg and from the past to the present.  The landmarks and excursions in these major cities are the stars of any cruise but along the way you’ll be able to witness the gently undulating countryside and pick out traditional towns by the onion-domed churches stood on the horizon.

The Volga is also linked to the Baltic Sea by a system of rivers, lakes, inland seas and canals, which use a series of spectacularly engineered locks to descend from Moscow.