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Discover mountain ranges, medieval towns and castles on this attractive, historic river.

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Cruise along the Moselle River to see less-visited sides of France, Luxembourg and Germany whilst enjoying spectacular scenery, some Roman ruins and good-quality food and wine.

The Moselle River is the longest tributary of the Rhine. It starts in the Vosges mountains in France and flows northeast through the Lorraine region before entering Luxembourg and Germany, where it ends at Koblenz.

When to go:

The European summer months are the most pleasant times to undertake a cruise on the Moselle although the stunning seasonal colours mean that it is attractive year-round.

Stops for luxury Moselle River cruises include the elegant French town of Metz and various little-visited towns in Luxembourg.

In Germany, Cochem is known for its atmospheric taverns, riverside promenades and imposing Reichsburg Castle, Bernkastel is a renowned wine producing region, and Trier has a fascinating Roman history and a number of ruins including Roman Baths and Amphitheatres. Koblenz has a similarly rich Roman heritage; it is here the Moselle joins the Rhine and continues its journey to the North Sea.