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Cruise to the heart of America and sail back in time to an older, simpler, slower USA.

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See another side of the USA by taking a luxury Mississippi river cruise and drifting down this mighty river through the history and heritage of some fascinating and scenic southern States.

The Mississippi is a giant waterway; the fourth longest in the world it can be up to 7 miles wide. Rising in western Minnesota it straggles southwards across 10 states to empty into the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. Take a luxury Mississippi river cruise to discover this slice of America and explore the landscape, history, heritage and culture here. 

The Mississippi is an historic waterway. Riverboats and paddle steamers have operated on it for years and the traditions and lives lived along its banks have inspired writers such as Mark Twain. Recently the river has had a renaissance with the launch of a new generation of riverboats.

When to go:

The summer months from March to October are good times to travel to the USA. Generally, the south-eastern Mississippi region has dry, warm winters and humid summers.

The Upper reaches of the Mississippi include a number of lakes while the Lower Mississippi features giant sweeping bends, large islands and great swathes of sandy beaches. 

Towns along its length include Memphis, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge and New Orleans although there are dozens of routes and variations to choose from. Shore excursions ensure that you’re able to take in the food and music of wherever you drop anchor as well.