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Discover Myanmar on an Irrawaddy River cruise as it emerges from isolation and enjoy the beauty and tradition of this enchanting country.

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The Irrawaddy River lies at the heart of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The country was once only for the intrepid but can now be explored on a luxury Irrawaddy river cruise, allowing you to visit legendary sites such as Pagan, Mandalay and Yangon.

For decades Myanmar was off-limits to visitors. With the country opening up again travellers are returning to discover the unspoiled treasures here. The best way to navigate the natural beauty and historic heart of the country is on a luxury Irrawaddy River cruise.

The Irrawaddy River flows north-south through Myanmar. As such it connects the country and serves as its lifeline, an essential waterway for trade and travel. Enjoy a river cruise on the Irrawaddy to witness ages-old traditions in action and to see daily life played out on the river’s banks.

When to go:

The Irrawaddy fluctuates in depth depending on the season – in the dry season the waters recede before flooding back with the monsoon in the wet season (May to October); water levels can differ by up to 45 feet. Consequently the sailing season is September to April; the best time for an Irrawaddy River cruise during this period is between November and February for cool, dry days.

An Irrawaddy River cruise also allows you to uncover centuries of Buddhist civilisation, with the chance to visit monasteries, temples and such historic sites as the ancient city of Pagan. Take time too to enjoy the timeless streets and architecture of Mandalay.

Before or after your cruise look to spend some time on the tranquil Inle Lake or head to Ngapali, Myanmar’s finest beach.