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An Amazon river cruise is an essential voyage for people interested in wildlife and the natural world.

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The Amazon is a natural wonder in its own right; an Amazon cruiseto explore this mighty waterway is an iconic expedition and one of the best ways to discover the jungles of Brazil and Peru.

The Amazon is synonymous with adventure and intrepid exploration; the second longest river in the world, it has by far the largest waterflow of any river as it courses 4,000 miles from the Andes to the sea. A luxury Amazon cruise allows you to experience this wild and wonderful landscape in style and comfort.

When to go:

You can cruise in both wet (December to April) and dry (May to November) seasons, with benefits to each. During the dry season – a relative term – the rainfall and water levels are lower meaning you can venture further ashore, although it is hotter. Higher water levels in the wet season mean you can explore smaller tributaries more easily and will see a richer variety of wildlife.

Most journeys up the Amazon begin in Brazil and take you 1,000 miles upstream to Manaus, calling at the 150-mile-wide Amazon Delta, the trading port of Santarem and Alter do Chao. Beyond Manaus the character of the river changes as it narrows dramatically and draws in the forest to the ship's deck.

Finally it reaches the frenetic frontier port of Iquitos in the jungles of Peru. This is the furthest west that ocean-going ships can travel. Shorter cruises also originate from here and take in the Yarapa River’s pink and grey freshwater dolphins as well as the Yacapana Isles.

Pink river dolphins, caiman and sloths are just a few of the wildlife highlights, whilst you'll also be treated to impressive flocks of birds along the river's length. Village visits, jungle treks and exploratory canoe trips are all possible as exciting excursions.