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Crystal Endeavor

Voyage highlights: Cultural and natural marvels, including Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine, Doro-kyo Gorge, Kyoto & Nara, Himeji Castle Mt. Sakurajima, Yakusugi Land & Waterfall, Zamami-Jima, Tsuki-ga-hama, Urauchi River.

Greg Mortimer

Experience the staggeringly dramatic scenery of Torngat Mountains National Park, Sail around Surtsey, the world’s youngest volcanic island and look up at the night sky in South Greenland where you may witness the Aurora Borealis.

23 September 2020 for 1 days
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Highlights include

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Aurora Expeditions

Voyage highlights: Natural beauty and wildlife encounters including Taroko Gorge, Hundred Islands National Park, Borneo’s Kinabatangan River, Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Torajaland, and Zodiac, diving and snorkelling expeditions.

Voyage highlights: Exploration and cultural immersion experiences, including Komodo National Park, Spice Islands of the Banda Archipelago, Aboriginal culture and rainforests, Great Barrier Reef and Ribbon Reefs, and hiking, diving, swimming, snorkeling, Zodiac and helicopter expeditions.

Uncover the underwater wonders of Australia’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef on this immersive journey. Discover a vast paradise of islands teeming with untouched wilderness and secret underwater worlds of colorful marine life and dancing corals.

31 October 2020 for 15 days
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Highlights include
Cairns • Coral Sea Islands • Magnetic Island • Lady Elliot Islands • Sydney

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Crystal Cruises

Voyage highlights: Lizard Island National Park, in-depth expeditions among reefs, atolls and islands of the Great Barrier Reef, mangrove Zodiac discoveries, hiking, diving and helicopter adventures.

Voyage highlights: Six full days exploring Tasmania’s natural landscapes, Freycinet National Park, Fjordland National Park, wildlife, Zodiac and helicopter adventures.

Crystal Endeavor

Voyage highlights: Stewart & Ulva Island, Abel Tasman National Park, Queen Charlotte Sound/Ship Cove, wildlife and wineries, Fiordland National Park, hiking, kayaking, Zodiac and helicopter opportunities

Travel in harmony with the elements to the White Continent. En route, you will experience the wild natural wonders of the Chilean fjords.

5 December 2020 for 18 days
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Highlights include
Santiago de Chile • Chilean fjords • Antarctica • Stanley • Santiago de Chile

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Combine the best of the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia on one incredible voyage. Antarctica offers spectacular frozen landscapes, lively penguin colonies, feeding whales and unsurpassed adventure activities.

6 December 2020 for 24 days
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Highlights include
Ushuaia • Falkland Islands • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands • Antarctic Peninsula • Ushuaia

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Aurora Expeditions