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Escape the crowds on an exploration cruise of South America and discover parts of the continent that aren’t often visited or all that accessible by other means.

South America has much to mark it out as an exploration cruise destination. From the dense Amazon rainforest to the expanses of the Atacama, there is a wide range of environments to discover.

Take in the Chilean fjords and calving glaciers or contrast the natural phenomenon with the cultural and heritage found throughout the continent, from the Incas in Peru to the contemporary exuberance of Rio.

The Galápagos Islands are the epitome of an exploration cruise destination, with 97% of the islands designated a protected national park. Wildlife lovers should sail to these islands full of wildlife and watch the spectacles on show; elephant seals fighting, blue-footed Boobies courting, iguanas basking and all manner of other creatures undisturbed by the presence of visitors. The more adventurous can snorkel or dive with sea lions, whales and sharks as well.