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Escape the crowds on an exploration cruise of Norway, Iceland or Scandinavia and discover parts of these countries that aren’t often visited or all that accessible by other means.

Scandinavia is ripe for expedition cruising; from the Norwegian fjords to the Lofoten Islands, Bear island to Jan Mayen you’ll discover wilderness and wonderful scenery that changes throughout the year depending on the season; the warm, everlasting days under the Midnight Sun contrast with the cold, crisp winter conditions and Northern Lights that play overhead.

Spitsbergen is the largest island of the Norwegian territory of Svalbard. The islands of the archipelago here are untouched and unsullied, giving visitors a glimpse of a pristine wilderness. The only inhabited community is the isolated town of Longyearbyen and there are more polar bears than year-round residents in Spitsbergen, meaning that you stand a great chance of enjoying a good sighting.

Iceland also often features on Scandinavian exploration cruises, with ships exploring the rugged coastline and stopping in the lively capital Reykjavik. Other stops potentially include Greenland, where you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Inuit heritage and, if it’s clear enough, catch the Northern Lights dancing across the sky.