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Bird Watching Cruises

On this selection of cruises and expedition voyages, you can view birds in their natural environment. Often these trips are escorted by qualified ornithologists, and there will be lectures and special tours and excursions for birders and twitchers.

Expect to see, depending on the time of year, geographical region and itinerary:

  • Rockhopper, Gentoo, Macaroni, King, Adelie, Magellanic and Chinstrap Penguins.
  • The Seychelles Bulbul and the Seychelles Black Parrot
  • Aldabra Drongo and Aldabra Fody
  • See the world’s largest Black-browed Albatross colony.
  • See large numbers of Striated Caracara, Falkland Skuas and Southern Giant Petrels
  • Spot Albatross species including Black-browed, Light-mantled Sooty, Grey-headed and the spectacular Wandering Albatross, plus thousands of King and hundreds of Macaroni Penguins.
  • The endemic and endangered Reunion Cuckooshrike.
  • Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Madagascar Buzzard, kingfisher and Paradise Flycatcher and Madagascar Fish Eagle
  • Sooty Terns, nesting boobies and Great Frigatebirds, Blue Herons, Crested Terns, Whimbrels and plovers
  • Siberian Rubythroat
  • Discover huge concentrations of seabirds during breeding season: Northern Fulmars, puffins, guillemots, Black-legged Kittiwakes, auklets, and more.
  • Steller Sea Eagle, Black-legged Kittiwakes, Tufted Puffins, Common Murres and Pelagic Cormorants , fulmars, kittiwakes, puffins, auklets, Crested, Parakeet and Whiskered Auklets
  • Brown-headed Thrush and Siberian Rubythroats
  • Pigeon Guillemot, and Pacific Loons.
  • Steller Sea Eagle
  • Arctic Warblers
  • Pigeon Guillemots, Brünnich’s Guillemots, Common Guillemots, Black-legged Kittiwakes, Harlequin Ducks, Horned Puffins, White Wagtails, Pelagic Cormorants and Slaty-backed Gulls
  • Horned Puffins, Black-legged Kittiwakes and Slaty-backed Gulls
  • Brown-headed Thrush, Siberian Ruby-throats, Black-legged Kittiwakes, and Crested or Whiskered Auklets.

Aride is the northernmost island of the granitic Seychelles. The island hosts one of the most important seabird populations in the Indian Ocean with more breeding species than any other island in Seychelles. Eighteen species of native birds (including five only found in Seychelles) with over one million seabirds breed on Aride, including the world’s largest colonies of Lesser Noddy and Tropical Shearwater, the world’s only hilltop colony of Sooty Terns and the western Indian Ocean’s largest colony of Roseate Tern. There is the only breeding colony of Red-tailed Tropicbird east of Aldabra and huge numbers of Brown Noddy, White Tern and Wedge-tailed Shearwater. Thousands of Great Frigatebirds and Lesser Frigatebirds soar over the northern cliffs. Birders will look for the Seychelles Black Parrot.

This unique bird watching experience offers the chance to see all the birds you will wish to see on Santiago Island, Cape Verde Island, and perhaps a few more besides, as the guides know places where rare vagrants may show up. Of course the endemics are the highlights: Cape Verde Buzzard (Buteso bannermanni), Cape Verde Warbler (Acrocephalos brevipennis), Alexander‘s Swift (Apus alexandri) and Jago Sparrow (passer iagoensis). Special desert birds include Cream-coloured Courser (Cursorius exsuls), Hoopoe Lark (Alaemon alaudipes) and Black-crowned Sparrowlark (Eremopterix nigriceps). At the reservoir in Ribeira Secca there might be up to10 different herons: the endemic Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea bournei), plus Grey, Great White, Little White, Cattle Egret, Squacco, Night, Western Reef. Black Heron (Hydranassa ardesiaca) and Intermediate Heron (Egretta intermedia) are vagrants from Western Africa. Waders include stilts, plovers, sandpipers (sometimes an American spotted one!), snipes, whimbrels, and turnstones. If you have time enough wait until nightfall: the Barn Owl and the rare Little Shearwater (Puffinus boydi) might reward you.

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MS 50 Years of Victory

This incredible adventure starts in Murmansk, Russia. There you embark the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Years of Victory for a roundtrip voyage to the geographic North Pole. Anticipation heightens as the mighty ship smashes through the frozen Arctic Ocean toward the North Pole.

3 August 2020 for 12 days
Call for price

Highlights include
Murmansk • Barents Sea • North Pole • At Sea • Murmansk

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Poseidon Expeditions
Seabourn offer Value Fare Special Offer

4 September 2021 for 66 days
£43,999 pp / Penthouse Suite
£65,999 pp / Signature Suite

Highlights include
Reykjavík • Aappilattoq • Maniitsoq (Sukkertoppen) • Upernavik • Saint-John's

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Seabourn offer Value Fare Special Offer

12 October 2021 for 27 days
£16,999 pp / Veranda Suite
£20,499 pp / Panorama Veranda Suite
£25,499 pp / Penthouse Suite

Highlights include
Bridgetown • At Sea • Guañape Islands • Antofagasta • San Antonio

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Silver Explorer

20 October 2020 for 12 days
Call for price

Highlights include
Fort Lauderdale • Great Exuma Island • Cayman Brac • San Andrés Island • Colón

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Silversea Expeditions
Silver Explorer

31 October 2020 for 9 days
Call for price

Highlights include
Colón • At Sea • Utría National Park • Isla De La Plata • Guayaquil

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Silversea Expeditions
Silver Origin

14 November 2020 for 15 days
Call for price

Highlights include
Daphne Major • San Cristóbal Island • Sullivan Bay • Punta Pitt • South Plaza Island

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Silversea Expeditions
Greg Mortimer

23 January 2021 for 22 days
£33,929 pp / Aurora Stateroom
£36,418 pp / Balcony Stateroom C …
£37,204 pp / Balcony Stateroom B (Off …

Highlights include
Ushuaia • Falkland Islands • South Georgia Island • Antarctic Peninsula • Ushuaia

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Aurora Expeditions
Silver Explorer

9 February 2021 for 16 days
Call for price

Highlights include
Dunedin • Enderby Island • Macquarie Island • Maria Island • Melbourne

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Silversea Expeditions

19 July 2021 for 16 days
£13,200 pp / Balcony Suite

Highlights include
Kirkenes • Murmansk • Novaya Zemlya • At Sea • Murmansk

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Aurora Expeditions

29 August 2021 for 8 days
Call for price

Highlights include
At Sea • Punta Suarez • Urbina Bay • Dragon Hill • Baltra Island

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