Antarctica 21

Antarctica 21

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Antarctica 21

Antarctica 21 offer air-cruises to Antarctica avoiding sailing via the Drake Passage. Antarctica is a continent surrounded by oceans. Reaching the continent requires either sailing across the ocean or flying over it. The body of water between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula, the infamous Drake Passage, is known for its sea sickness-inducing violent storms. By choosing to fly over those stormy waters you choose the comfortable option.

Crossing from South America to Antarctica by ship takes two days, while Antarctica 21's flight takes only 2 hours. You can use the precious time you save to explore more of South America.

Antarctica21 only offers expeditions aboard small ships carrying a maximum of 71 guests. In Antarctica a regulation designed to manage environmental impact limits the number of visitors at any one location to no more than 100.  Travel with them and you will spend time exploring, not waiting your turn to disembark the ship.

Antarctica 21 - the world's first air-cruise to Antarctica

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