Silversea and the Royal Geographical Society

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Silversea and the Royal Geographical Society

Yesterday I was invited to the Royal Geographical Society in London by Silversea Cruises to listen to the launch of their new Expedition style ship - Silver Discoverer. This ship is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment as she is not a ’new build’ - she is currently named the Clipper Odyssey.

Silversea have designed some, quite simply, awesome itineraries for this latest addition to their expedition fleet. Commencing March 2014, Silver Discover will visit places so far off the beaten track that it would be impossible to visit them in anything other than a ship - and what better way to do it than in luxury?

This ship will travel to places where Silversea have had to get special permission and permits to travel to, such as the Sea of Okhotsk in the Russian Far East. Because of the remoteness and impassable ice floes in winter, this area is one of the world’s least-explored and most biologically productive seas. They will take you to islands where only 1,000 visitors a year are permitted to land, to Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and the Sub Antarctic areas of New Zealand.

The renowned Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), founded nearly 200 years ago to advance geographical science, is to enhance Silversea voyages even further by providing detailed scientific and historical information to guests embarking on some of the greatest journeys around the globe.

After our product update from one of the leading luxury cruise lines, we had a tour of the Royal Geographical Society, and were allowed to view some incredibly rare artifacts that are not on publich display. Items such as David Livingstone and HM Stanley’s hats ( Dr Livingstone I presume) , Shackltons helmet, a ship order from Harrods, a copy of the hand written and drawn South Polar Times, a pocket sextant used by Charles Darwin, and the world’s first Atlas, dating back to 1490!

Harrods Order Form

Shackletons Helmet Close Up

South Polar Times

Charles Darwins Pocket Sextant

Silversea Expedtions, consisting of three ships, Silver Explorer, Silver Galapagos and Silver Discoverer sail the world over to all seven continents, taking their guests to the corners of the world in all inclusive luxury, led by exceptional expedition tour leaders, whose knowledge and expertise in the areas the ships travel too is second to none. What’s more, the ship, cruise line, guests and crew all give something back to the remote ports of call they visit - one lady even sent out a whole brand new football kit for the local school soccer team once she returned home!

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