Mv Cezanne River Cruise Review

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Mv Cezanne River Cruise Review

This ship is operated by Peter Deilmann with an international English speaking crew, and your travelling companions are likely to be from the U.S., Germany and U.K.  I found the entire staff to be extremely friendly and welcoming from the momen I embarked.  On entering our cabin I indeed felt a 'wow' factor on the furnishings, decor and size, in fact my companion said the cabin was more spacious than those on the larger cruise ships even though this was a standard twin with three porthole windows.  Other cabins are available with large windows.

The beautifully appointed dining room offered tables for two, four or six people and the  head chef and his team created magnificent culinary delights for our 5/6/7 and 8 course meals always served in a friendly and efficient manner by the very professional team of waiting staff.

The large lounge of sofas, easy chairs and illuminated tables was beautifully furnished in pastel shades which created a welcoming feel of relaxation.  In fact the whole atmosphere on this entire cruise is inviting you to relax, unwind and calm down.  My favourite time was seizing the opportunity to relax on the sundeck on a sunbed just watching the ever changing magnificent French countryside, farms, villages and towns sail by on what was a beautifuly autumn sunny day. 
Nothing could be more leisurely or peaceful than enjoying the tranquility of a river cruise.  I would recommend this one to anyone.

5* holidays are not new to me but I can honestly say that this is the first one where I could not fault a thing or suggest anything that needs to be added. Absolutely everything has been thought through for the total enjoyment of every passenger.

However, I sincerely believe that if you did find something lacking or required anything I know the staff would do their utmost to comply.

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