Mozart Danube River Cruise Review Day 4

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Mozart Danube River Cruise Review Day 4

Day 4 - Budapest

We had not booked any of the optional tours today, and instead opted to discover Budapest by ourselves. Our ship, Dertour MOZART was docked on the Danube near the Elizabeth Bridge, so we crossed that and headed over to the Buda side for a walk along the river bank. This gave us stunning views of the Parliament building and we were soon at the Chain Bridge. After crossing this we were now on the Pest side and looking back we had a great view of the renovated Royal Palace and other historical buildings high up on the hill. It has not been as hot as yesterday, thankfully, about 20 degrees with a nice breeze so much better for exploring the city!

Making our way round the grand Parliament building and through parks and gardens we soon arrived at Vaci Utica, the pedestrianised area and main shopping district. This was full of the main chain stores, even a C&A, plus local shops selling tourist tat, sorry, souvenirs. Stopping for a beer to replenish ourselves, we then headed for the Market, Vamhaz Korut. This is a huge covered building selling all sorts of meats, sausages and vegetables, plus upstairs there’s a section for clothing and other local handicrafts and it dates back to 1897. We stocked up on paprika in various forms then headed back to the ship for some lunch, air conditioning, and a few hours up on deck in the very lovely sunshine.

I think I prefer Budapest to Prague, for me there’s so much to do and see, and not so many crowds . It’s a great city and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a city break , or why not do it on a river cruise!

After dinner we were entertained by the crew in their weekly Crew Show. It was very funny, with some good singers too, then we departed Budapest on our way to Bratislava .

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