Maiden Voyage - Venice to Istanbul

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Maiden Voyage - Venice to Istanbul

We were held until the advised boarding time.
Boarding was simple as everything had been done at check-in .

We had a V1 suite and it had an instant familiarity. The balcony is a real plus as is the separate shower cubicle. Although the area of the suite is very good it is narrower than on its sisters.

I will not repeat the descriptions of the facilities as they are well covered by the accurate descriptions given by Scott (and on the Seabourn site).

The naming event went well and the fireworks were a great success.

The late handover of the ship did mean that some things were missing until later in the cruise as 'they are here somewhere but....'

It took some time for the various teams to fully gel together and find where things are on the new ship.

The first dinner services were quite slow but it started to come together by day 3 or 4.

The fact that the ship is three times the size does mean that distances are greater, consequently room service takes a bit longer.

There were some problems with the propulsion units, the side thrusters may not have been fully efficient - had to use tugs. There were problems with the port engine(s) - black smoke and lumps of soot on the decks, awnings and furniture at the aft of the ship.

More minor problems were left by limp wristed Italian dockyard maties -tap handle fell off, basin waste trap not even finger tight, shower door handle almost fell off, privacy screen on balcony not locked, balconies needed power washing to get rid of construction debris, etc.

Despite this looking like a rant all issues that I reported were noted by the Hotel manager for follow up.

We accept that this was a maiden cruise and we hope that we may have had some influence on identifying some issues for correction.

We did not lose any ports of call and were not significantly inconvenienced at any time.

My very subjective personal opinion is that it is a very good product but it is very big.
It is not an elegant yacht like its 20 year old sisters.

I supposethat I will be looking again at Pride, Spirit and Legend.

Written by Mr David Pratt

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