How to lose weight on a cruise

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How to lose weight on a cruise

Top 15 Ways to Lose Weight on a Cruise

One of the many pleasures when taking a cruise is of course the food and dining experiences. You can eat 24 hours a day, starting with breakfast, followed by morning snacks, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and ending with late night snacks! Plus many ships nowadays have a 24-hour buffet area or other bars/cafes serving bites to eat.

So the temptation to nibble, graze and snack all the time is hard to resist - especially when the food is of such high quality and very different from the food you usually eat at home.

You can easily gain a pound in weight a day - so if you are on a 2-week cruise that’s a stone in weight - or 6.3kgs!

So how can you still indulge and yet keep the weight off?

Well of course you might be happy to gain the weight - you can diet when you are back home after all - however for those conscious about weight gain on a cruise here our are Top 15 ways to lose weight on a cruise or at least not gain any!

  1. Take the stairs, and avoid using the lifts/elevators
  2. Try the low-carb approach for breakfast and lunch, and save the carbs for the evening meals.
  3. Avoid beer, and stick to wines and spirits with diet mixers
  4. Avoid creamy cocktails - stick with champagnes
  5. Use the free bicycles usually provided on river cruises and on SeaDream Yacht Club and go for a bike ride in port
  6. Make good use of the ships gym and free fitness classes
  7. Choose the healthy options and Spa cuisines at meal times
  8. Participate in the daily walk-a-thon around the deck - three times round deck 7 on Cunards Queen Mary 2 is a mile!
  9. Take a walking tour in ports of call rather than a coach tour
  10. Only have 2 courses at each meal instead of 3, or 4 or 5!
  11. Take a daily swim in the ships pool for at least 30 mins
  12. Get dancing in the nightclub in the evening
  13. Always have a salad and some cold meats for lunch - its low cal and will keep you full (watch those dressings)
  14. Book a cabin as far away from everything else - the walk to and fro from your room to the ships amenities will burn of the calories!
  15. Start the cruise in tight fitting cloths and end in baggy ones! That way everyone will think you have lost weight

What are your top tips for losing weight or not gaining weight on a cruise?

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