European Day of Languages

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European Day of Languages

September 26 marks the European Day of Languages, an annual event launched in 2001 that encourages plurilingualism (the ability to speak two or more different languages) in individuals living in Europe. A multitude of different events are organised across the continent by the Council of Europe for the occasion, including language classes, family activities, conferences and the airing of relevant television and radio programmes. It is hoped this will inspire greater numbers of both children and adults to learn a foreign European dialect now and in the future.

The ability to communicate in several different languages can not only increase the employability of adults, but can also make travelling a less daunting prospect. With the latter point in mind, we at The Luxury Cruise Company have recently been debating among ourselves what percentage of people might bother to learn the language spoken in a chosen European holiday destination, before embarking on their trip.

Learning a new language in its entirety is no easy task and so we suspect many people would instead prefer to memorise only a few useful key words and phrases. A member of our team argued that very few British people would even bother to do this, considering an estimated 51% of Europeans have an English ’mother tongue’ (according to a 2007 source cited in Wikipedia, at least) and because technological advancements arguably see learning new parlances a waste of time.

We want to learn more about the British attitude to learning other European languages in relation to travel. Regardless of whether or not you have taken a holiday in another European country before, we would love you to answer our survey (embedded below). Of course, we would be highly appreciative if you could share this survey with your family and friends via Facebook and Twitter too.

Our survey is now closed - thank you to all who participated.

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