Crystal Serenity North Cape Cruise Review Day 13

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Crystal Serenity North Cape Cruise Review Day 13

Day 13 Bergen

Bergen is Norway’s second largest city, and a wonderful town for sightseeing with one of the most popular areas being the Bryggen waterfront area. The Bryggens Museum is constructed on the site where medieval Bergen thrived. Several of the original buildings, dating back to the Hansa era, still stand and are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Bergen. Norway

They front the harbour in the Bryggen area where the German Hansa merchants settled. Regulations prohibited heating these homes, even during winter. Despite these measures, fires often took a devastating toll. Today’s remaining structures are occupied by restaurants, shops and galleries.

Bergen, Norway



We had no tour booked for today, but had pre booked the hop on hop off bus, so managed to get a nice lie in! After breakfast, we disembarked and soon found the red bus for the city sightseeing. We need not have pre booked it as it was very easy to get a ticket and the pick up point is right by the cruise terminal. The entire circuit of the bus route lasted an hour, so we stayed on and took in all the sights whilst listening to the commentary on the complimentary supplied headphones. Sitting upstairs gave us a great view of all the sights, including the popular fish market, harbour, and Bryggen area. Free wifi on the bus was an added bonus!

Fish Market, Bergen

The popular fish market, Bergen

After the full trip, we decided to disembark the bus back where we started and headed on foot around the Bryggen area, the fish markets and off into the back streets of Bergen. This is a very pretty town, with timber houses, historic grand stone buildings with a very cosmopolitan air to it, whilst remaining charming and quant. The skies were getting heavy and grey, and sensing rain was coming, we headed back to Crystal Serenity. Bergen is the world’s wettest city, so we did well to avoid the showers!



The evening’s entertainment was the comedy styling’s of Jimmy Travis, who had prepared new material and even written a new comedy song about Murmansk! Very good and very funny! Back to Pulse again for an extra karaoke night - very well attended with the usual crowd and a few newbies too!

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