Crystal Serenity North Cape Cruise Review Day 12

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Crystal Serenity North Cape Cruise Review Day 12

Day 12 Olden

Olden is a small village located at the inner end of the Nordfjord. The head of the fjord is characterised by varied and dramatic scenery, with peaceful valleys and neat farms lying in contrast to glaciers, waterfalls and majestic mountains. Olden is the gateway to the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier in mainland Europe.

Olden, Norway

As we drew back the curtains we were greeted by lush green hillsides topped off with craggy mountains, covered in low cloud and mist, all very dramatic! Today we had booked a private tour to the Briksdalsbreen glacier, one of the more accessible arms of the Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Crystal Serenity had to tender today, as Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 had taken the only docking space, but it was only a short ride to the pier. We soon located our private guide and were joined by some passengers from QM2, so 8 of us all together. The weather was cloudy and wet, and we were soon driving past lush valleys, waterfalls and cloud covered peaks.

When we arrived at Jostedal national park, our driver arranged the little "troll car" (like a slightly larger golf cart) to take us up to the glacier. You can actually walk, it takes about an hour, and you go past amazing views of rivers, waterfalls and across little wooden bridges. It’s the same path as the troll cars take, and it gets pretty narrow in some places, so walkers had to get out of the way of the little seven-seater cars.

Briksdalbreen Glacier, Norway

At the disembarkation station there was still a good 15 minute walk to the glacial lake formed by the melting and receding Briksdalsbreen glacier. When we arrived the view was stunning, with the glacier appearing cobalt blue against the grey overcast sky. Mist and low clouds clung to the mountain side and frequent light rain showers covered us as we made our way to the lake.

Glacier, Olden

Some people were kayaking, others were in small dinghies, but all were looking at the majestic beauty of the glacier and its thunderous waterfall created by the melt water. It would be hard not to take a good photo here, and after many snaps, we headed back to the area where the troll cars would pick us up and he’d back down to the car park and gift shop area.

Olden, Norway

We met up with our driver and on the way back I asked him to make an additional stop for a photo opportunity, looking across Floen lake up to the mountains. The view was spectacular, with the low cloud and fog creating a dramatic and moody landscape. Back at the cruise dock, we embarked the next tender and went back on board for lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on board.

Scott in Olden

The evening show was one of the best I have seen at sea. Crystal cruises has worked with the winners of Americas Got Talent, a group called iLuminate, to create a unique blend of dance, technology and storytelling. The show, called The Tourist, featured the Crystal ensemble of singers and dancers, and was performed in total darkness, with the only light being the strips of coloured light that were illuminating and outlining the dancers bodies, faces and props. It was very modern and featured recent music from the charts, including Justin Timberlake and even some dub step in one section! The whole show lasted 30 minutes, with constant dancing throughout and clever use of the lighting effects. Definitely the best show on Crystal Cruises and a far cry from the Across The Pond effort of last night. I personally loved it! Please ensure you watch it on your next Crystal Cruise!

After the show we headed to Pulse for karaoke night. It was pretty busy and even I got up and did a number! Must have been the cocktails kicking in!

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