Crystal Serenity North Cape Cruise Review Day 10

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Crystal Serenity North Cape Cruise Review Day 10

Day 10 Leknes and Lofoten

The Lofotens are a string of rocky cliffs, comprising of seven major islands, covering some 550 square miles of peaks, valleys, fjords and dramatic landscapes. We woke to the sound of our alarm clock and opened the curtains on our Penthouse Suite to reveal a lovely sunny day! So good to see after what has been fairly grey and dull weather so far on the cruise.



The scenery looked like Jurassic Park, with cloud covered mountains and lush green valleys, the emerald hues saturated in the summer sunshine. A quick breakfast in the main dining room and it was off to the Stardust Lounge to wait for our tour to be called. It wasn’t long before we were on the tender and heading for shore.


Our bus was waiting and we drove past typical houses and small villages, red clapperboard homes, some with turf and grass on their roofs - complete with sheep grazing on it!



We soon arrived at Nusfjord, which is Norways best preserved fishing village. Nusfjord is a popular destination where tourists can rent out traditional fisherman’s cabins, some over 100 years old! Now modernised, they provide great accommodation on the water’s edge and offer spectacular views along the fjord. We had an hour here, so plenty of time to look around and of course take a lot of photos!



The main employment in the Lofotens is fishing; fish drying, fish factories, fish processing and fish farms, yes it’s all a bit fishy! We saw some of the traditional methods of drying the cod fillets, as well as a separate area for drying the fish heads. They are graded into three qualities, with the lowest quality being sent to China to be used in medicines.

Fish drying in Nusfjord

Back on the coach and we were soon at a blacksmiths forge and museum. We had about 50 mins here, too long in my opinion, and would have liked to have stopped off at Flakstad Church, the second oldest church in Lofoten.


This area was so outstanding in natural beauty, I feel less time spent yesterday in Tromso and more time today would have been good! As it was we had to be back on board the 12:30pm tender to take us to Crystal Serenity, which was a shame, as the ship sailed at 1pm. This has to be my favourite port of call so far!

Lunch was up at the Trident pool again, quickly becoming a firm favourite of ours, accompanied with a few glass of chilled champagne.

Mozart Tea Time

That afternoon we went to the Mozart afternoon tea in the Palm Court. This is no ordinary afternoon tea, as all the waiters dress in traditional Austrian costumes, whilst the string quartet plays your favourite classical pieces. We had the hot chocolate with rum to drink and a nice assortment of fancy sandwiches and cakes!

Mozart Tea Time

As we left port, the wind and rain picked up and the cruise director made an announcement that the evenings show and all events upstairs had been cancelled, we were in for rough seas!

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