Cruise ship backstage tours are they good or bad?

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Cruise ship backstage tours are they good or bad?

A number of cruise lines are offering ‘backstage’ tours to the passengers, allowing them to see into all the areas they are not usually allowed to venture. Both Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises offer these tours for inquisitive guests - allowing them to pry into the life "below decks".

On the Celebrity Cruises "See How It’s Done" tour, for $150pp, passengers can see not only the Bridge, mooring deck, theatre, engine control room, and main galley, but they can also venture into crew areas. The tours include visits to the:-

  • Crew Gym
  • Crew Mess
  • Crew Non-Smoking Bar
  • Crew Internet Room

Having worked onboard cruise ships for seven years, these crew areas are an escape from the "public" areas and rooms, a place where crew can relax and let their hair down, be themselves and not "on-show" with their smiles and greetings. The last thing they would want when working out at the gym or chilling out in the crew mess is a bunch of gawping pax staring at them! Is nowhere safe for them anymore!

I wonder if the crew were consulted on this - or if indeed any of the $150pp fee is going to the crew welfare fund on each ship?

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