Cruise industry launches Cruise Forward initiative

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Cruise industry launches Cruise Forward initiative

Earlier this week, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) announced the launch of a new industry-wide initiative that has been designed to promote awareness of the industry's contributions to employment and conservation.

Cruise Forward is set to showcase exactly how much the cruise industry brings to economical development, cultural exchange, community support and various other environmental and conservation factors or which the industry supports.  Below are just a few points of how the cruise industry contributes to the world:

Delivering significant economical benefits.
Last year the cruise industry generated nearly $100 billion dollars in economical impact and employs more than 760,000 people worldwide.

Supporting community organisations
Cruising helps to make a difference to hundreds of ports across the globe. Whether this is achieved by providing support to local charities, protecting the cultural heritage of the local area or involving their employees and guests in volunteer opportunities; the industry is actively helping many less-economically-developed-countries in a variety of ways.

Safeguarding the oceans and environment
All cruise lines are constantly working to help reduce the overall impact that cruising has on the environment, whilst helping to preserve and protect the world's oceans, beaches and ports. This also includes reducing fuel consumption by looking at alternative ways to help power cruise ships including solar technology, of which you'll find on the majority of newer cruise ships.

Cruise Forward will serve as a global platform for representatives from the cruise industry to engage with stakeholders, customers, employees and the media to create a global discussion about the benefits that cruising brings to society and individuals. 

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