Celebrity Solstice Cruise Blog day 8 and 9

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Celebrity Solstice Cruise Blog day 8 and 9

Day 8

Yesterday we were in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

My parents and I went for a stroll through St Marks Square and the quaint little streets pausing in a few shops along the way. It was very hot and humid so after four hours of exploring we went back to the ship prior to sailing at 1400.

For lunch, I had a burger from the grill and it was delicious. After that I sat down by the pool for a rest for a few hours prior to the evening.

I don’t think I’ll be able to update you about Croatia due to poor connectivity. However I will try to!

Day 9

Yesterday we were in Split, Croatia and oh my, it was a scorching 93 degrees, which was practically unbearable. My parents and I decided to take the tender ashore around 1100. Thankfully there was no queue so we literally just boarded the tender and set off on the fifteen minute ride to the shore. Upon docking at the quay, the tender was sitting fairly low in the water and it was quite a high step out of it. Thankfully, as people started to disembark, it became easier for people to get on and off as it was all to do with the weight of the boat. Anyway, after that, we walked into the walled old city of Split, through the archway and into the caverns which was home to a number of stalls selling both local and national Croatian souvenirs. It was lovely inside, yet it did feel a bit opressive due to the heat.

After wandering around for a while inside, we got a drink just on the waterfront, it was only five euros for two cokes and a bottle of water, which was not bad at all, in fact, it was one of the cheapest on this entire cruise vacation! We then wandered around the outside of the old wall, through a quaint little fruit and vegetable market and by this time it was 1300 and already over the 91 degree mark. So we stopped again at a different waterfront cafe for a refreshing drink. This time it was six euros because my dad decided to try a draught beer, of which he said it was very nice and would certainly recommend it, whilst my mother and I just had two bottles of pepsi. After that refreshing drink, we decided to head back to the ship as it was far too hot to even move a couple of yards, let alone explore!

Once back aboard, we headed straight to the buffet to catch the end of lunch, where I had a delicious Ham Ciabatta with Crisps. Yes, I know - very adventurous, but after a while, you tend to long for simple foods rather than all this rich stuff! After lunch, I decided to lounge around on a sun lounger in the solarium whilst my parents went swimming before getting ready for dinner. We opted to dine at the Silk Harvest speciality restaurant which was simply delicious and by far one of the best meals I have had this holiday. Offerings included Lotus Chicken and Lettuce Wraps, with toasted pine nuts, Orange Chicken and Silk Fried Noodles, all topped off with a delicious dessert of Caramelized Bananas. We didn’t get out of the restaurant to 2245, so then we had an after dinner drink at Cafe al Bacio, one of my favourite places on the vessel before calling it a day.

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