Azamara Quest Fire from Passenger Perspective

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Azamara Quest Fire from Passenger Perspective

We have received this from one of our guests on board Azamara Quest about the fire that broke out in the engine room. It seems that Azamara Club Cruises have handled this very well indeed, all credit to the crew and captain.

"Hi All,

Excuse the round robin, but we’ve had an eventful cruise so far...and we’re only 9 days in!

We got to Hong Kong with no problems and joined the Azamara Quest on Monday. As we were on our way out of Hong Kong Harbour the Captain warned us of a Monsoon that we would catch over the next 24 hours. Yes, it was a little rough and we lost a fair few pieces of crockery and glassware, but by the time we reached Manila all was fine again. A couple of days in Manila and then off to Borneo.

However, on Friday evening at around 8.15 (just as we were going in to dinner) all hell broke loose with staff running in all directions and smoke pervading through the ship. It seems that there had been a fire in the engine room which took our all the electrics.....but it was the smoke (presumably from the cabling coverings) that was the worst. Anyway, we went to full Muster station alert and got close to a trip in the lifeboats.

After a few hours, we were finally stood down and spent the night sleeping on deck (as there was no lighting, toilets, water or air conditioning). Anyway, eventually things started returning to some semblance of normal - we now have lighting and some electrical power, water and toilets, but they are still working round the clock to get hot food and air conditioning back. We spent our Wedding Anniversary sleeping under the stars after a great whilst it was not exactly as planned, we are still enjoying it.

Late last night we managed to get power to the engines so we are now limping towards Borneo at 6 knots, accompanied by 2 coastal patrol boats (yes, they’ve got the armed guards out for us again!).

The only casualty was a crew member from the engine room, so we need to get to port as soon as possible in order to get him to hospital. Apart from that piece of bad news we are all well and safe so no need to worry.

The Captain and crew have been fantastic....they can’t do too much for us and the ’Spirit of the Blitz’ is certainly showing through. We expect to dine out on our experiences for quite some time!!!

So, where next from here? We expect to get to Borneo late tonight where we will be taken to a hotel for a couple of days before being flown to Singapore on Tuesday. We expect to opt to remain in Singapore for the rest of the time we would have been on the cruise so we can pick up our pre-planned extension to Bintan.

Further updates when we see you next."

Passengers were offered a variety of compensation packages including continuing their holiday until April 12 in a luxury hotel in Singapore or another Asian city of their choice, with Azamara picking up hotel expenses and providing $150 per passenger, per day to cover meals and incidentals. Azamara is also giving passengers a full refund, a certificate for a future cruise worth 100% of the cruise fare paid and reimbursement for airfare.

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