AmaDante River Cruise Review Day 5

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AmaDante River Cruise Review Day 5

APT River Cruise Day 5 - Basel and cruise summary

This was our final stop and although we had to vacate the cabins by 9am we were able to stay on board until our airport transfer, so we could still have bar drinks, tea, coffee etc and there was also soup and sandwiches available; the Chef even made a gluten free sandwich just for me!

Cruise Summary

Overall this five day river cruise was fantastic, I cannot find fault in anything! The AmaDante holds 148 passengers, with ages ranging from 40 to 80 with the average age about 60.

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and with around 50 staff you felt like they had time for you arranging anything you wanted. Arriving back on board each time we were given a hot towel and warm fruit tea, I thought this was a very nice touch and unique on luxury river cruises.

The AmaDante is an Aria class boat and was built in 2008 - the decor is of a very high standard with some lovely artwork around. There are three places to eat, the main restaurant, snacks in the lounge and the speciality restaurant which is available during the day as a quiet room for reading or games. There is a very well stocked bar, gym, beauty salon offering spa treatments, library, shop and reception.

There are three cabin categories, outside with two small windows 170sq ft, French balcony 170 sq ft and Suites 255 sq ft

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