Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 6

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Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 6

Join guest blogger Simon Clifford on his few days onboard APT River Cruises AmaBella.

The final day of the cruise. It’s been a great trip through Germany and Austria, I actually didn’t think it was possible to squeeze so much history and culture into one trip. Our final excursion was to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Melk Abbey.

Melk has been an important spiritual and cultural centre in Austria for over 1000 years. The abbey was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries, most recently in 1726, when the baroque building you can see today was completed.
The vast abbey is still home to 30 monks who are active in the local community and at the school. They even operate the tours of the Abbey, which are very informative, and guide you through several rooms of surprising modern exhibits.

From here the cruise continues to Vienna for two nights, then down to the final stop Budapest. Sadly we did not have time to experience this part of the cruise.

River cruise summary

Food onboard was excellent, and the choice of three restaurants means dinning can be varied each night. During dinner wine and beer is complementary, and afterwards the bar is not over priced, as it would be on some cruises.
The atmosphere onboard is relaxed and very friendly. Passengers mingle together a lot, but dining as a couple certainly isn’t a problem.

Overall I feel that APT River Cruises offer a truly excellent product. I spoke to a lot of the passengers during my time on board, who genuinely could not find fault with the cruise, excursions or staff. The cabins where bigger that I expected, light, airy and comfortable, and I would recommend a balcony cabin, as those without are a bit dark and rather low in the ship.

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