Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 4

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Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 4

Join guest blogger Simon Clifford on his few days onboard APT River Cruises AmaBella.

Another busy day ahead today. Our first trip was a real boys day out, as we were headed of the Audi Museum in Ingostadt. Here 100 years of automotive history is laid out over four floors, starting with company’s first car in 1899 right though to the modal of the 2036 ’car’, used in the sci-fi movie IRobot. Other highlights include the 1923 Wanderer, the only vehicle in the exhibition never to have been used. It was found in a crate in a warehouse in Sydney in 1995 having ever been claimed! And the VW Polo with its Audi Badge, something that was quickly changed once VW discovered what a great little car it was!

In the afternoon it was back to the ship, which was now docked in the Medieval town of Regensburg. A pretty town full of cobbled streets, historical buildings, the high gothic cathedral and stone bridge, which made the town a major trading port on the Danube. Finally today we had some sunshine, and a beer festival was in full flow, which gave us all some time to relax and enjoy some of Germany’s national drink.

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