Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 3

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Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 3

Join guest blogger Simon Clifford on his few days onboard APT River Cruises AmaBella.

Nuremberg was our first stop today, the largest town we’ve docked in so far. Passengers have two choices of tours here, either a historical walking tour of the city or World War II tour. I chose the latter.

The city held great significance during the Nazi era, this was because of it’s central location within the country and it’s connections to the Holy Roman Empire. We were taken to Hitler’s rally grounds, also known as the Zeplin Field. Here he gave passionate speeches to crowds of up to 100,000 Nazi supporters. We also had time to explore the huge unfinished Congress Hall. This monolith of a building was never completed, but what was built still stands as a reminder of some of the cities darkest days. Our final stop on the tour was the court where the most famous of the Nazi trials where held. We learned about the how the trial took place under four judges one from the USA, one from France, another from the UK and finally one from the USSR. All trials were held in public and were considered fair by the international community. Some were sentenced to death, others held in prison for life. Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy was held until his death in 1987!

Back on the ship in the afternoon as we continued to sail the Main/Danube Canal. Cruise manager Bartel gave a talk on how the canal was constructed, and how it works. Then came two big highlights of the afternoons cruise. The first was sailing over two busy roads, no doubt quite a sight for the car drivers down below, as they see a huge boat cruise overhead! Second was a series of 27 metre high locks, which finally took us over the continental divide. Before now all water has flowed to the North Sea, and then after the last lock, it was all change and the water was flowing the Black Sea - not that one could tell!

The evening’s entertainment came from local singer Valerie May, cabaret is not normally my thing, but her set of songs sung in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Germany and Italian was certainly impressive.

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