Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 2

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Amabella Europe River Cruise Review Day 2

Join guest blogger Simon Clifford on his few days onboard APT River Cruises AmaBella

This morning was spent cruising the last section of the Main River. In the main lounge we were introduced to a guest lecturer from the University in Nuremburg. Who gave a talk on the European Union, a fascinating overview of its history, how it works and the current difficulties it’s going through today, all relevant and very interesting especially for the Australians onboard.

In the afternoon we sailed into the Main - Danube Canal and docked in Bamburg, a pretty little UNESCO town saved from allied bombing in World War II as it had a population of below 100,000. As well as it’s pretty medieval buildings; the town is also famous for its beer and is home to no less than 8 breweries. The most famous being Ambräusianum, known for its unusual smokey taste. It would certain split you group. The Marmite of beers - personally I hated it!

In the evening we were back on board to continue are journey through the canal. After a good dinner we were entertained by a traditional Bavarian band.

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