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Europe luxury cruises

With the awesome scenery of the Arctic north and the rolling fields of Britain, the cosmopolitan cities in Spain and France and ancient ruins of classic Greece and Italy, sandy coves and volcanic islands, Europe is truly a destination with something for everyone. Whether looking for a winter mini-break or a long summer voyage, Europe is the ideal cruise destination.

Canaries luxury cruises

The Canary Islands provide the perfect cruise destination for lovers of the beach and the adventurous alike. Whether you are enjoying a transatlantic voyage or just looking at short-haul alternative for some winter sun, the Canary Islands are there for you.

When visting the volcanic islands, you'll soon discover that there is much more to the region than beaches and skyscrapers. 

Europe luxury cruises

A river cruise is the perfect way to explore continental Europe. This tiny yet diverse continent may have some truly beautiful coastline along the Mediterranean, but some of its real highlights lie inland. Meandering along the waterways is an ideal way to absorb the breathtaking scenery.


Mediterranean luxury cruises

The Mediterranean has perhaps more potential as a cruise destination than any other region. Whether taking a mini-break or a long cruise, looking for sun touched beaches, stylish gastronomic capitals, history-rich heritage sites or a bit of everything, the Mediterranean is a perfect destination.


Scandinavia luxury cruises

For the more adventurous cruise passenger, the Polar Regions provide the ideal destinations. An increasing number of lines are running some fine expedition cruises to these remote destinations in the Arctic Circle and down in Antarctica so travellers can enjoy their breathtaking beauty from the comfort and style of a luxury cruise liner.


Transatlantic luxury cruises

Historically, sailing on a transatlantic voyage from Southampton to New York is one of the most popular shipping routes. Today, travellers can embark on this iconic journey from a variety of ports acros Northern Europe bound for the East Coast of the United States or Canada.


United Kingdom and Ireland luxury cruises

The ports of the United Kingdom and Ireland are commonly featured on a number of European cruise itineraries, as well as making the ideal cruise mini-break for British nationals and visitors alike.




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