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My perfect cruise would be 6 months on a huge ship, the biggest ever made. It would be a fancy dress paradise, where everyone could experience a setting of their choice. That could be an Armed Forces theme where there would be tanks to drive, firing range etc, Rodeo cowboy theme, be a cowboy and learn how to ride and lassoo cattle.

Drive in movie area for those who just wanted to cuddle up and watch the big screen. Disco 70’s style, everyone in their flares and curly wigs, ballroom dancing, Circus, ice-rink, ski slope, Bowling Alley , Funfair, Go Kart Racing, and for those who just wanted to take in the sun, there would be a lift to a separate deck where people could relax and watch the fun going on down below. Regular trips to the bottom of the sea in a special craft to wonder at the amazing sea creatures beneath.

For the music lovers a chance to learn to play an instrument be it drums, guitar etc and at the end of it to be part of a band on caberet nights. A singles bar for lone cruisers to meet new people, and for the kids a Disney Theme Park...child minder included!! A helicopter launch pad where you could be whisked off to nearby places of interest, a day at the races arena, and a selection of authentic areas of cuisine to choose from. It would be a holiday of a lifetime where people could do what they want and be who they want. A fantasy environment that everyone could enjoy........a fun ship/city on the sea, which I would name DIVERSITY.

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